Several poets are standing, sitting, or leaning in black chairs. Jessica is sitting in her wheelchair in the center of the frame, with her head back and her hands actively conveying information.

Zoeglossia Reading and Anthology Teaser

As you may know, this May I had the opportunity to be one of Zoeglossia’s fellows. Zoeglossia is a literary organization creating new spaces for disabled poets. In San Antonio, I workshopped, read, and heard cutting edge poetry by disabled people. During this time, we collaborated to put together a collection of poems, featuring work from each of us. Keep an eye, ear, or whatever sensory organ you prefer out for more on this anthology. We Are Not Your Metaphor will hit shelves this summer.

If you would like to hear some Zoeglossia poems from fellows, teachers, and founders, including myself, please see the video below.

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