I am a disabled poet/performer/educator/scholar currently pursuing my PhD in English at Michigan State University. I am also refining the work of my Erasure Cycle; I craft poems by cutting or covering up medical and literary texts, reshaping them and being reshaped by them. Beyond poetry, I create performances and artwork designed to challenge everyday inaccessibility. As an academic, I draw on disability studies, feminist materialisms, and queer of color critique to rethink how we read and write. I read contemporary poetry (particularly poetry deemed “experimental”) to analyze and develop crip methodological writing and reading practices. While I read, I consider how embodiment plays a role in the construction of contemporary poetic texts and why embodiment is necessary to readings of such texts. My goal is to work towards reading methods that allow for coalitional access (ie forms of access that are attentive to disability, neurodiversity, class, gender, sexuality, and race).