Michael Stokes and I are starting a workshop next year in collaboration with Drs. Aslami and Michaelsen here at Michigan State University. Hopefully, the English department will approve our proposal to have it included among their workshop series, but if not, we’ll find other formats. The goal of the workshop is to consider the frictions and potentials of placing disability and animal studies side by side. We’re particularly interested in having these conversations through popular culture from films like The Girl With All The Gifts and Instinct to the Borg on Star Trek. We want to have these conversations with you.

This has been a growing, hexagonal, prismatic project! While we sometimes wax poetic, we are always looking for people to drone on with us about the sweet things they know.

Do you know of works of popular culture that have disabled figures? Animal figures? Both? Neither? Is there scholarship you know of that makes a mess of distinguishing them? Leaks from the combs they call home?

Let us know your thoughts by visiting our website and commenting on our proposal:

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