A mirror with a blue frame, reflecting the artist’s face. All around the frame is a collage of photos featuring bathrooms, signs for bathrooms, a person using a wheelchair opening a bathroom door, and the forehead of that same person in bathroom mirrors hung too high to reflect their face.

Varg-Sullivan Award in the Arts for “Mirrors Shall…

Today I learned that I won an award for my visual artwork. That’s not something I ever thought would happen.

If you want to know more about my political bathroom art that won a Varg-Sullivan award, here’s the overview. This piece is called: MIRRORS SHALL BE MOUNTED WITH THE BOTTOM EDGE OF THE REFLECTING SURFACE NO HIGHER THAN 40 INCHES.

It hung at a nonstandard height in a couple of art exhibits this last year and featured many selfies of my forehead taken in bathroom mirrors around Michigan State University’s campus that are hung at heights where I can only see my forehead from the wheelchair. People were encouraged to take selfies in the piece which hung at a height good for some disabled people (including some wheelchair users and dwarfs) as well as some kids. People were also encouraged to touch the piece which included Braille restroom signage and a swivel coat-hook.

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